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The “Big O” in the NFVO... and the MANO

  Let us address some existential issues. What is NFVO, or VNFO for that matter, after all? Is it the same as MANO? In the strictest of senses, MANO has a different connotation – a more inclusive one. MANO in its purest sense combines the NFVO, the VNFM and the VIM. Thus, the NFVO orchestrates the VNFs, the VNFM manages the VNFs while the VIM interfaces with the NFVI. Thus technically, NFVO is a subset of MANO. Agreed. So which market is Insight Research covering ? Is it NFVO, or is it the larger MANO? Well, it is the large (not larger) MANO. Let me present an equation for you to paraphrase our inclusions: NFVO (as quantified in our report) = MANO (As per ETSI) - VIM Then why are we calling it NFVO, and why not MANO? The reasons are very simple – better recall and better sense. Explaining better recall is easy. The term NFVO connects the orchestration of NFs in a way MANO never can. This is as clear as it gets. But MANO is not orchestration alone. It includes ‘management’ as well.